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The Loft Series Contemporary vent free burner is specifically designed for use on its own or with the addition of glass or rock media. It is designed to be used in a vent-free fireplace and can also be used in a traditional, flue vented fireplace - the flue must be open for this installation and it is only for use as a decorative appliance. This VFRL Vent-Free Burner includes an Oxygen Depletion System to quickly shut off the gas if room oxygen levels drop to unsafe levels. All White Mountain Hearth burners include a standing pilot for instant starts. All you need is the media of your choice. So toss out the matches, turn on the valve and curl up by the warm fire for a comfy night at home!
The Vent Free Loft Series Contemporary Burner features a beautiful display of flames with or without the addition of decorative media. This burner includes a millivolt valve and features ON/OFF operation and can be controlled manually or by remote or wall switch (sold separately). There is no flame control or temperature adjustment with this burner. You have the option of using a thermostat, a remote or a combination thermostat and remote. It DOES NOT include a remote or a thermostat.
  If you choose to enhance your Loft Contemporary Burner with decorative glass, two bags of glass media are recommended for full coverage for either the VFRL  burners. We have packaged the media in two bag lots above to help make your ordering easier. The decorative pebbles are packaged in a 3-pack. All decorative media is also available separately.   All options are available in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. Additionally, minimum fireplace clearances for the VFRL18 are:
  • Front width - 28",34",40"
  • Rear width - 21",27",33"
  • Depth - 13",13",13"
  • Height - 17",18", 20" 

Other features of the Loft Contemporary burner include:

  • Vented/Vent Free
  • Approved for use in any certified vent-free firebox
  • May be installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace, with the damper closed, to operate as a vent-free heating system
  • Also certified for installation as vented log set, so long as the installer blocks the fireplace damper partially open. A special flue-damper clamp is included with burner

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White Mountain Hearth Loft Series Contemporary Vent Free Millivolt Burner - Remote Ready

White Mountain Hearth Loft Series Contemporary Vent Free Millivolt Burner - Remote Ready

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