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The variable ON/HI and LO/OFF transmitter offers simple control over your gas fire feature while the wiring is designed to reverse the positive and negative output to drive the servo motor forward and backward for higher or lower flames. The straightforward design and high-quality construction are backed by the Real Fyre brand, which continues to provide some of the most innovative and realistic gas fire products in the industry. NOTE: Includes wiring for the APK-15 system. If using an APK-17 valve requiring new wires, you must also order the WH-01 from Real Fyre


  • High-quality construction - Simple design with high quality parts for a long lasting and durable product
  • Servo Motor - Battery powered receiver box designed for use with a DC servo motor gas valve
  • Variable Flame Control - Remote Transmitter features ON/HI and LO/OFF for variable flame height

The Gas Log Company

Real Fyre - Standard variable flame height remote control

Real Fyre - Standard variable flame height remote control

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