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G4 Series - Glowing Ember Burner System: Versatile Real Fyre burner with high BTU capacity, main burner for great log presentation, ember glow creates a realistic look. The G4 Burner System is a classic, single burner setup  compatible with most Real Fyre log styles and controls. The extensive Real Fyre collection of burner systems, for both gas logs and contemporary applications, offers the most versatile and comprehensive lineup in the industry. Each burner design is meticulously engineered to enhance and maximize the beauty and realism of every Real Fyre product. 

A Real Fyre valve will need to be installed for burner operation. The Real Fyre SPK-26 valve has been provided as a selection in the options below. Additional Real Fyre valves are available in parts.

Set includes burner, custom grate, glowing embers, vermiculite for propane kits/ sand for natural gas kits, burner stabilizing clips, connector kit, and damper clamp. 

The Heavy Duty Grate option starts at 18/20" sizes, and the burners over 36" include a heavy-duty grate. Standard Grates are not available for sizes over 36".

Propane burners not available without SPK Valve.

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Real Fyre - G4 Series Listed Vented Burner System

Real Fyre - G4 Series Listed Vented Burner System

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