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Use this Real Fyre On/Off/Thermostat Remote to control your gas appliance with the simple millivolt wiring. Provides a remote and receiver for use with a fireplace or gas log set. The Thermostat control will adjust the gas fireplace or log set and adjust the room temperature. The remote has the ability to learn up to 65,536 security codes and has infinite flame adjustment. The receiver has a manual operation for On, Off, or Remote (controls the receiver with the remote)

NOTE:  For use with -12 Valve Vent Free Burners Only


  • High-quality construction - Simple design with high quality parts for a long lasting and durable product
  • Millivolt Wiring - Simple millivolt wiring is easy to install with any standard millivolt valve appliance
  • Thermostatic Control - Thermostat remote controls gas fire feature to adjust room temperature
  • Display - Temperature display and thermal control function

The Gas Log Company

Real Fyre - Deluxe on/off Receiver/Transmitter Set

Real Fyre - Deluxe on/off Receiver/Transmitter Set

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