Should you get an outdoor heater?

Should you get an outdoor heater?

Propane heaters are a popular and effective way to heat outdoor areas such as decks, terraces, gardens, porches, and nearly any outdoor area you want to enjoy. Outdoor propane heaters are safe to use, provided they are used properly and in accordance with guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire codes. When looking for a propane heater, it’s a good idea to consider your needs and how you’ll use the heater during the cooler months. Some heaters are more portable, making them ideal for smaller spaces or in varied locations.

Propane patio heaters are also typically found in commercial settings such as outdoor areas located at restaurants, hospitals, universities, stadiums, and more. Some of the most notable benefits of propane patio heaters are that they provide widespread heat, and you can heat a very large area with them.

Using propane patio heaters in outdoor areas has become more widespread during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many restaurants, schools, offices, and other businesses have been using outdoor spaces to run and stay open. To ensure outdoor propane and electric heaters are used safely and in accordance with NFPA 1 Fire Code (2018 edition), NFPA has developed an "Outdoor Heater Safety" fact sheet that provides guidelines for safe use of portable outdoor heaters at restaurants, schools, offices, and other spaces.

In summary, outdoor propane heaters are a safe and effective way to heat outdoor areas, and they can provide widespread heat to keep your outdoor space comfortable. However, it is important to follow safety guidelines and codes to ensure their safe use.

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